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"It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service."

- Albert Einstein

Helping You Help Others

The Volunteer Center (VC) helps residents and service groups of all ages in the New Trier Township, North Shore and greater NE Metro Chicago area volunteer or engage in days of service and service learning with 501C3 nonprofit organizations.

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Joining the VC Board is a great way to Make A Difference in your community -- and to make new friends! Save Save

VC Board member and MDD co-chair Patee Blackman helped sort donations.

Nonprofits received a Record Number of Donations at This Year's Make A Difference Day.

Family and friends 2013 KAH

Over 100,000 meals are sent to children in Nicaragua at the Annual Kids Against Hunger event each Spring. Hosted by the Winnetka-Northfield Rotary, Winnetka Community House and The Volunteer Center.

2014 MLK Day Mom and friends Medium

Our highly successful MLK Day of Service is held at the Winnetka Community House.

Orphans with dogs

Orphans of the Storm collected a truck full of animal toys, food and supplies at last year's Make A Difference Day.


VC hosts valuable networking and training event for nonprofits in June 2016

2015 KAH kids collating

All ages can make a difference at Kids Against Hunger.

Guests filled Matz Hall at the Winnetka Community House.

The VC celebrated Cinco de Mayo style at this year's Volunteer Recognition Event.

RE Honorees

2016 VC Recognition Event Honorees INFANT, Inc. Board, Dr. Warren Bruhl, Courtney White and Mark Stephan.

2016 Screen Break products(1)

Students taking time off to make toys & blankets for homeless animals during 2016 Screen Break Week.


New VC Partner Fred Outa Foundation collected bags of food & school supplies at MLK Day of Service 2016.

Class Food Drive

Skokie School 6th Grade donated 100+ bags of food to Good News Partners at Thanksgiving "Share Your Bounty".

Brownies 2016 KAH

Brownies packing meals for hungry families in Nicaragua at 2016 Kids Against Hunger.

Looking for Ways to Make A Difference This Holiday Season?

Holiday Opps 2

As the holidays approach, many of our nonprofit partners are looking for volunteers to support their holiday programs and events — and we want to help. So we will be compiling a directory of opportunities offered by our partners that might be of interest to the community. Keep checking back, because we will be adding opportunities as they come to us.

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Another Successful MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY for the Volunteer Center and 15 of Our Nonprofit Partners!

The Junior League Thrift Shop accepted every household item you can think of -- and some you might not!

Make A Difference Day has long been one of the Volunteer Center’s most important annual Days of Service, and Saturday October 22nd was no exception. Cars lined up on a beautiful Fall morning to donate truckloads of valuable items to 15 nonprofits who were grateful to receive them. Many thanks to everyone who turned out to Make A Difference — and make it a great day! Check out our photo gallery here.

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Thanks to Everyone Who “Shared Their Bounty” at Thanksgiving This Year!

Fred Schwimmer helping load bags of food at Skokie School in Winnetka.

The Volunteer Center is grateful to the families, individuals, schools and community groups who donated carloads of nutritious food to the clients of Good News Partners, and a pantry full of fresh produce to the New Trier Township Food Pantry. Thanks also to the families and individuals who helped deliver the food to Good News Partners on Thanksgiving morning. It was a fabulous community effort!

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Don’t Miss Any of The Volunteer Center’s 2016-17 Days of Service. Put These Dates on Your Calendar Now!

Cards for veterans and hospital patients are always a favorite with the young, crafty volunteers!

The Volunteer Center sponsors 5 terrific opportunities throughout the school year for you and your whole family to volunteer your time in service to those in need in our community. Click here for this year’s dates — and watch this website for more detailed information about how you can make a difference at these wonderful events.

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